A Part of my Forever

Passing through time and space
We contact perhaps only a trace
Of another soul who's somehow bound
To always be around
A part of our forever
A part of our forever.

You connect live or internet lace
And have somehow found a sacred place
In the deep inside: me, mind, soul
Though for perhaps a fleeting role
Of joy and happiness
Of joy and happiness.

United by deep thinking
And/or internet linking
Writing and speaking new
Ideas true
A part of my forever
A part of my forever.


UPDATE (where is the new site, dammit?!)

TIBU2.com is still in development, but will be going live before much longer. We're sorry that it's taken so long, but a thing like this is worth doing right. Our development staff has been halved, and with moving and houses and babies flying around, things have been distracting.

The site has been tested- and re-tested- ad nauseum, but mistakes certainly will be revealed as more and more people use the site when it goes live.

The initial launched site will be bare-bones, but more features and functionality will be added as things progress, and the creation will be an ever-evolving process in which we encourage you to take part.

We're glad that you all have shown such interest in the TIBU2.

Thank you- for your patronage, your patience, and your ongoing faith.


Bail out the Citizens first

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/406258714 is a citizen's attempt to let government officials know how we American's feel about the bail out. People can add their own two cents, too, rather than simply signing the petition. The petition is written in easy to understand language. If you don't like what's said, you can create your own petition. The idea is to have Americans build America. That seems like a good idea. We can't leave everything up to the leader. The problems today are too big. We can each chip in with our best ideas and then, truly, we will be building a stronger, better America as the best ideas will take the lead.

Global and national citizenship takes effort. Thank you for yours.


Farewell to TIBU

Long, drawn-out sighs
Loop our lives together.
Moments of despair,
Thoughts of tired anguish,
Condensing the air between us.

It is in the shadows of a darkened room
That I find the differences
Between who you believe yourself to be,
And who I know I am.

You are the quill pen, green and gray ink,
Who scratches out harsh thoughts
Between your thighs and across my back.
Your nib places your words
Into flesh and composing sweat.

I smudge single syllables
In the language of loins
And sobbing mouths
Across my face for all to see,
Using fingertips
And my own blood.

It is only in those repeated moments,
Those fleeting seconds,
That our far flung sentences find each other.
We become the same writer
With different diction
Writing on a snow bank,
Waiting for Spring.



The Talkshoe broadcast did not happen, as some of you may know.  It was a connectivity issue.  There is another one scheduled, and you can check here for more information.

Powered by TalkShoe

One of our developers flaked out on us, so we are down to one person, and the launch date looms.  2-1-2009 is the goal, and we hope to get everyone situated and satisfied, but we're certain that there will be a goodly amount of woodshedding necessary in the process, and we thank you in advance for your patience.

Of course, any suggestions, questions, threats, insults, candy or bribes may be directed to: tibu.two@gmail.com.



When you can think of nothing else and your heart sings

When you can think of nothing else and your heart sings,
When you don't have to wonder if the phone rings,
When Valentine's approaches and you can smile
You know that love has touched you for a while.

In contrast when someone claims to love and then betrays your heart,
That person knows, and didn't care, you now know, from the start,
When Valentine's approaches and you're on your way to court
Trying to get your assets, you know s/he's what sort!

Better let the villain go though you've been broken
The nastiness of your spouse has spoken
It's time now to face the rottenness and go on past
Your spirit will heal and something new will last.

When you can think of nothing else and your heart sings,
When you don't have to wonder if the phone rings,
When Valentine's approaches and you can smile
You know that love has touched you for a while.

You know that your spirit has found anew
That love is possible. Take your cue.
Smile and seize the moment fast
For this is your soul mate, found at last.