"The Decisions That We Make..."

“President-elect Barack Obama did not throw the LGBT community under the bus, as many have suggested since the selection of Rev.Rick Warren to deliver the invocation was made public. On the contrary, he just politely asked us to take a seat in the back, which really should come as little surprise given that we've been here before on his agenda.” -Gaywiredcom-

The announcement of Warren's future role in Obama's candidacy definitely has the resemblance of John McCain’s introduction of Sara Palin all over it. That debacle was always apparent to those with even a reasonable amount of intelligence, that McCain's actions were done out of desperation. His actions proved to be the transformation of Gov. Palin,into a willing pawn, and a dream come true for talk show hosts, political analysts, and comics worldwide. Sen. McCain's decision has earned the title of-- possibly the greatest political hail Mary ever thrown. But Obama’s choice is as questionable as it is disturbing.

To invite a notoriously homophobic reverend to participate in probably the most awaited political ceremony in the history of modern society, is being considered as a deliberate slap in the face to many. This act has been viewed as a betrayal by many and will not easily be forgotten. There are 6 million Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgendered individuals (LGBT), that loyally promoted the Obama campaign from the very beginning. These faithful campaigners were always there as; fundraisers,volunteers, and financial donors when Pres.-elect Obama, was still a junior senator with a funny name, that few had heard of and most doubted would achieve what he has...so soon.

Pres. -elect Obama ran an inspirational campaign with promises of social equality. When confronted by the issue of same sex relations, he always made it clear that he disagreed with homosexuality, but extending his famed, "Disagreeing without being disagreeable" speech. This opinion was accepted by the LGBT community as being a sign of respect for an individual's chosen lifestyle.A sort of live and let mentality. This social belief was also promised by Clinton who eventually fell short of his promise. But this alliance of claimed, "Disagreeing without being disagreeable" with the famed homophobically disagreeable Rev.Warren is unacceptable. Allowing Rev.Rick Warren to deliver the invocation, is appearing to be yet another president, failing to be concerned with the (LGBT) community which assisted in the winning of his election.

The Association of Religion Data, polled clergy on their beliefs concerning same sex relationships. The largest percentage considered homosexuality as "always wrong" 1052 (53.0%),the second largest group considered this "not wrong at all" 624 (31.4%),the third largest believed this to be "sometimes wrong" 136 (6.8%) the fourth considered it as "almost always wrong" 96 (4.8%), and the smallest group "didn't know" 78 (3.9%)

Even though Rick Warren's opinion is the same as the largest group of clergy which agree, that homosexuality is absolutely unacceptable. He also has proven to be one of the most radically vocal on this topic. His comparisons are often insulting,malicious, and disturbingly ludicrous. And shortly after the announcement of this controversial appointment-- "conveniently hypocritical" was added to this resume. This new title was earned 24 hours after the LGBT outcry. It was announced that Rev.Warren’s offensive web page was doctored, missing many of the offensive accusations Rev.Warren has become famous for making and proudly defended.

There is one constant in presidential history and life in general-- no one president ,world leader, or anyone will be able to please everyone all of the time. As far as US leaders are concerned, President Obama faces a unique dilemma. It is believed that a few of his future legacies will be:

* He would play to African-Amer community.
* He would abandon the African-Amer community.
* He was too bi-partisan.
* He wasn't as bi-partisan as he promised.
* Lasting 4 to 8 yrs, he is about to become the rope for a worldwide match of tug of war.

President- elect Obama raised more money and received more popular votes than any president in US history. On January20th, 2009 when this man and his family accepts their place in history, he will become more than the United States America’s first African-American president. He has already been offered the thrown of World Unifier. Sharing this moment with Rev. Rick Warren is a decision that many believe should be reconsidered.

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  1. I like Obama, and voted for him in both the primary and in the general election. It's true, nobody can please everyone all the time, but this choice (Rick Warren) and Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State (arm-twisting?) are deeply troubling. Obama's still a damn sight better than McCain (or any of the other candidates) would have been, but I really wish he'd throw around some lefty cred instead of catering to the knuckle-dragging Wing-Nuts.

  2. Some believe biology supports that there is a continuum of genders...Pesticides and over-population, biologically, play a role in the surfacing of genes that lead to a variety of lifestyles. One can look at many organisms, mice, turtles, dogs, people, among others and see the role of pesticides, plastics and other chemicals on the gender continuum. Perhaps politicians and citizens alike could broaden their views by looking at the data available. Some people are data driven and looking at the data gives new perspectives.

    Perhaps Obama feels that Rev. Warren will see the reaction to his being selected and therefore will be more alert to the acceptance that Christ had for diversity and his great love and compassion for outcasts.

    Speculation of insults doesn't seem to me to help: One never knows what's in another's head, but, whatever it is, releasing the feeling it creates in you can give you peace and happiness.

    Alcoholism once followed a similar outcast route. Today, knowledgeable people look at the biochemistry of it. Knowledge helps increase understanding and decrease exclusion. Perhaps more science study is in order (that is not meant to exclude religion, but, to enable people to use their God-given powers and talents to create a peaceful world.)